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for 2011 



Thank you, universe, for the here; thank you for the there

Loving friends and family inhabit both places; I revel in the connection

Here - smiles, clarity, play, unbridled joy; there - tentative glances, uncertainty, questions, decorum

Here - self-expression while living in the moment; there - holding back amid lingering whispers of past and future

Here - light and lightness; there - exploration of shadow and dark places

Here - free disclosure, mirth and merriment unleashed; there - secrets guarded, laughter muted

Here - warm embraces, freedom; there - embarrassment, guy wires anchored in fear

Adventure inhabits both places; the path lies before me

I grab the handrail; it is solid in my grasp

Possibility beckons; unfamiliar terrain frightens, seduces, supports me

I shed my shoes, breathe in deeply, take a step forward….


2011 welcomes each of us with blessings and love!


Marcia Bernstein

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~ 

for 2010 
~ reflections on muscle tone ~

quickly/slowly time passes
cornucopia of gifts:
beauty, sadness, gratitude, longing

flexing of my
Coping muscles
finds them inconsistently exercised
today will they be strong? weak? 
determined?  restless?  weary?
hopeful?  aching?  well-toned?

flexing of my Love/Compassion/Forgiveness muscles
reveals powerful results
of continued use
resilience, agility
familiar in surprising places
surprising in familiar places
…and it takes my breath away

Marcia Bernstein
~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

for 2009

It’s time.
Opportunity, urgent in our hands, calls
~ seize the year, create 2009 ~
~ release the abundance of our hearts into this thirsting universe ~
~ appreciate every gift ~
~ listen, be present ~
~ be courage, generosity, peace, love ~
~ choose not to withhold what we each have to share ~
It’s time.

Breathing deeply,
Marcia Bernstein

~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

for 2008

 We are the possibility of harmony
standing for one another
sharing vibration
making a difference
each a clearing for
clarity, community, creativity

It is decisive; we have spoken
a creation, a beginning
precious gift to a universe
eager to grow in our light
waiting with ever wide open arms
to embrace
our presence, our action, our love

Elevating commitment to
more than a perhaps
more than a hope or a dream
more than a someday
breathing the words
illuminates who we are as
the possibility of peace

Anticipating untold blessings within
the brightest and the darkest of places
2008 stands poised
to welcome our light

Marcia Bernstein
~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

for 2007
envision for 2007

compassion, connection, clarity, lightness, love
abundance, strength, healing, peace
our planet infused, surrounded, held in light
blossoming possibilities
~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

for 2006

~ Traversing the threshold of 2006 ~

 May we all be filled with light and compassion and lovingkindness
May we be held in lovingkindness and compassion and light
May we be cradled, each in our truth, each in acceptance of self and others
May each of us be in touch with appreciation, gratitude, contentment
May all beings open to the innate bliss in being alive
May we embrace peace on our planet, peace everywhere
May every heart and spirit awaken ~ may all be free
~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

Photo of Marcia by Rebecca Unger