What to Look For in a Reiki Table

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What to Look For in a Reiki Table
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Things To Consider when Looking For a Reiki Table

Every "extra" (face cradle, sheets, extra padding, rounded corners, etc.) costs extra money, of course. The people at Oakworks, Inc. ( were extremely helpful to me in making decisions about my table. I talked with a massage therapist and a Reiki practitioner, and they really knew the various features and were happy checking out questions with other representatives if they didn't know the answer to a question.

weight - do you plan to carry it to other venues?

wood versus metal (wood has better energy, metal is lighter).

corners - rounded corners make it easier to navigate around the receiver, especially if you happen to like keeping a hand on the receiver

face cradle - makes lying on one's belly much more comfortable; adjustable models are available and have the advantage of more options for comfort.

bolsters - in my experience most receivers are more comfortable with a bolster (6-inch or 3-inch) under the knees while lying on their back and/or under their ankles while lying on their belly. Also, I've found the 3-inch bolster to be perfect under the neck of women with the rounded back associated with early osteoporosis.

extra padding is available - can make getting on and off the table more comfortable and can make a difference to overweight receivers.

carts are available for moving table from place to place.

flannel sheets and face cradle covers are available and can add significant comfort.

Photo of Marcia by Rebecca Unger