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From Duffy B:

After our session I was able to stand erect, something I have not been able to do for a few years - and without pain. Reiki has done wonders for me, and I was probably one of the biggest skeptics around.

From Dorothea M:

Reiki sessions with Marcia are subtle, as opposed to more physically active massage technique. Marcia picks up on emotional issues that resonate at a deep level, even when I had not been consciously aware of them. She is totally respectful of the individual and sensitive in her hands-on work and her insights.

From Alexis A (age 14), Reiki Level I:

I find Reiki very relaxing. It's a healing process, healing mind, body, and spirit all in one.

From Karen G:

My severe sinusitis was not improving after months of working with various doctors and holistic practitioners. Reiki sessions with Marcia have resulted in a breakthrough. Following each session, my sinuses have drained and I have felt more relaxed, more balanced, and very nurtured. Thanks to Marcia's example I've been able to use hands-on healing to bring myself quickly to a state of relaxation and well-being.

From Sharon A, Reiki Level II:
In Marcia's teaching she models ways to pass on skills and information to inspire and empower those who learn.
From Amy A, Reiki Level I:
The morning after you trained my husband, myself and our three boys at Reiki Level I, our 9-year-old came to snuggle in bed with me and pronounce, "I am going to do Reiki on you!"  It is so wonderful to have this to share with my whole family.  We practice our Reiki on each other.  The boys are always a handful.  Our very energetic 4-year-old wonders when you will come back and touch his head and make him calm.  So interesting his perspective of what happened during his Level I attunement.


Photo of Marcia by Rebecca Unger