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Marcia's Reiki Lineage and Background 

In 1973 Hawayo Takata brought Reiki from Hawaii to mainland United States when she began teaching in California. By the time she died in 1980, she had trained 22 Reiki Masters. Two of these were John Harvey Gray and Barbara Lincoln McCullough.

Reiki Masters Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb learned Reiki Level I with John. Libby also took her Reiki Level II training with John and assisted with many of his classes over a period of 6 years.

Barbara trained Judy-Carol Stewart of Houston, Texas as a Reiki Master, and Judy-Carol trained Libby as a Reiki Master in 1989. Libby trained Maggie in 1993. Maggie and Libby combine decades of experience in conventional health care. Nationwide, they have trained over 5000 people in Reiki.

Marcia began her Level I and II training with Libby and Maggie in the year 2000 and received her Reiki Master certification in 2001. She is dedicated to perpetuating Libby's and Maggie's teachings, using traditional Reiki to empower all who seek greater wholeness, love and connection. Marcia brings to her healing and teaching practice a lifetime of compassion and a background in education of children with special needs, including extensive work with their parents.

Photo of Marcia by Rebecca Unger